Sell your business online with zero commissions

Sell your business online with zero commissions

Terms and Conditions

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SERVICE AGREEMENT –  Business Sellers

Between Sell Your Business and the Owner/Seller of the business who has purchased the Sell Your Business package.

The Seller acknowledges that this is a Private Sale between himself as the Seller of the Business and a prospective purchaser.

This agreement allows Sell Your Business to provide promotional services via the websites stated in the Package purchased, proforma documents and general advice on the process of selling a business. Sell Your Business reserves the right to change the sites the listing will be advertised on. Where a change occurs involving a deletion of a site or a change in sites, the Seller will be notified and may cancel the listing if they chose.

Buying Selling Businesses – will NOT –

  • Be involved in business negotiations with purchasers
  • Conduct any inspection of the Business
  • Provide a written valuation or a full analysis of financials
  • Issue Contracts of Sale

Sell Your Business will forward enquiries as received via websites to Sellers and will provide guidance of a general nature by email or phone if required.

This agreement does not prevent the Seller from entering into any other arrangements to sell the business e.g. appointing a licensed real estate agent (Business Broker) at any stage while the package is operational to sell the Business. The advertising service fees charged are non-refundable payments. The advertisements for the sale of the Business will be deleted from the websites within 24 hours when a request to cancel email is received via

The package will be renewed on a monthly basis, until an email is received to to cancel the subscription.